Classification Process

A&I Human Resources Division has defined its consultative services in 5 steps listed
below.  Depending on the level of request and best approach to address the issue, the
following steps may be utilized. 

  1. Issue Identification:
    1. Agency submits Agency Services Request Form to
    2. Agency identifies priority order of requests
  2. Contracting:
    1. Assigned to HRD Analyst(s)
    2. Agency HRD Analyst begins to coordination the agency consultation.
      1. Identify key stakeholder to include:  employee, supervisor, agency
        management and agency HR.
      2. Review and clarify the issue(s) to be addressed.
      3. Development of a plan to address the issue(s)
        1. May require additional information, a telephone call or
          meeting between HRD and agency stakeholder(s).
      4. Define who is responsible for what. 
      5. Define a timeline
      6. Document a summary of contracting phase.
  3. Information Gathering:
    1. May involve a meeting(s) with stake holders
    2. May require a desk review with employee or a representative group of
    3. May require additional information from agency.
    4. May require further research and review of existing information by A&IHRD.
    5. Document a summary of the information gathering phase.
  4. Decision:
    1. All key stakeholders involved in the decision process.
    2. Review of information obtained
      1.  If job evaluation is required, agency HR attends the meeting.
    3. Decision made with explanation provided to key stakeholders.
  5. Exit & Assessment:
    1. Review of process
    2. Final documentation
    3. Evaluation of process and participants